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Oct 11, 2019

Sarah talks to activists at the heart of the Extinction Rebellion campaign, which seemed to burst out of nowhere in the spring of 2019 with its demand for action to end the world’s climate crisis and ecological emergency.

In the midst of new actions in London, Clare Farrell, Will Skeaping and Dr Deepa Shah discuss how the movement has made its mark, and how traditional campaigning methods were failing to influence governments. 

Clare Farrell is a fashion sustainability expert and co-founded Extinction Rebellion out of horror at the cost of fashion production to people and the planet.

Will Skeaping is a former advertising executive, and co-editor of The Extinction Rebellion Handbook: This is Not a Drill.

Dr Deepa Shah is a London GP and member of Doctors of Extinction Rebellion.

This podcast interview was recorded on 8th October 2019 at Soho Radio with thanks for the studio use.

This episode of Better Angels was edited by Warren Borg, Worgie Productions.