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Mar 9, 2017

Sarah Brown talks to Kathy Lette, Leslie Caron, Emma Barnett, Gemma Cairney, June Sarpong, DJ Cuppy, Manal Abazeed of the White Helmets and a host of successful and fascinating women eager to rewrite the code for all girls and women at an event held on 7th March 2017 ahead of International Women’s Day. Join in by listening to this episode of Better Angels, be inspired by their actions and find out how to join in the challenge of #RewritingTheCode for gender equality.

This episode looks at those embedded values that are with a girl even before she is born, all the values that surround who she is, what she gets to believe she can be, what the opportunities are that come her way, the doors that are open for her, the support that she gets.

While strides have been made in equal opportunities for girls and women, there’s an unwritten code that holds still many girls back at an early age pretty much everywhere in the world. The advent of new technology, changes to the workplace and global political climate, instead of helping, could turn back the clock on progress. This is the episode that sets out to reverse this!

Featured in this unique episode is award winning actress and dancer, Leslie Caron, journalist and broadcaster, Emma Barnett, television presenter, June Sarpong, bestselling author, Kathy Lette, radio presenter and former fashion stylist, Gemma Cairney, co-founder of the Stemettes, Anne-Marie Imafidon, television producer, Kate Harwood, Director General of the Institute of Directors, Stephen Martin, Khaleda Yesmin of Theirworld, Vice President of Intel Corporate Affairs & President of Intel Foundation, Rosalind Hudnell, DJ and Producer, DJ Cuppy, former Captain of Afghanistan’s national football team and founder of Girl Up, Khalida Popal, Member of Parliament in the UK, Alison McGovern, and Manal Abazeed of the Syria Civil Defence (also known as White Helmets).

For more information about the #RewritingTheCode Campaign go to